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Come explore what Reach has to offer. Experience virtual reality metaverses with support for NFTs hosted on the Cardano blockchain. 

Reach is built to be device agnostic, meaning you can login and interact from PC, mobile, or VR headset.

Coming soon:

- Realistic VR Physics System
- Inventory System
- Building & Object Placement System

To download on mobile go to the Play Store and search "Reach Cloud"

Our website is the best place to find updates about upcoming sales and releases. https://reachmetaverse.org/

If you would like access to the VR portion of the please reach out on our website to apply for our closed VR beta. https://forms.gle/63NEgvCqj2SBUpvw6


Demo Information:

Welcome to Reach Metaverse, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls.

Feel free to explore the space station, but if you ever get lost or stuck press the respawn button to come right back to where you started.

When you are ready, head through the doors left of the yellow markings at the end of the hall to be teleported to the city.

You will load into an example condo, one of 30 that will be on each floor of the building.

Look around and when you are ready exit through the front door, find the elevators, and make your way to the lobby or conference hall by selecting one of the buttons.

Conference halls like this have been used by our partners to connect with clients and users across the globe, head up to the podium and try your hand at using the camera drone

Once you exit the lobby by the receptionist you can explore the street to find shops, games, and much more to come.

Enjoy your experience and please let us know what you think in the comments here or on our reddit page!

Install instructions

Please download the zip and after unzipping run the .exe file to start.


reach-metaverse-win.zip 206 MB
Version 84 Jun 14, 2022

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